AHBV at a Glance



Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University has the advantage of being born from Gazi University, one of the earliest and biggest educational institutions in Turkey. Accordingly, Ankara Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences also continues its activities with the same highly qualified academic staff and physical facilities since it was opened in 1955.

With nine faculties, three vocational schools, three colleges and a conservatory, Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University is Turkey's youngest but also the most experienced higher education institution.

Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University is committed to making a significant contribution to Turkish academic life as a research university specialized in social and administrative sciences.


  • It is a university in the center of the capital city, Ankara.

  • It is one of the deep-rooted, institutionalized, and prominent universities in Turkey.

  • It has highly qualified academic staff.

  • It has an international recognition of diplomas through international accreditation programs.

  • AHBV University provides its students with the opportunity of receiving two diplomas or certificates with its double major and minor programs.

  • AHBV University provides international education opportunities to its students; our students can study abroad through the exchange programs supported by the European Union.

  • Graduates of AHBV University are given priority in both public and private sectors.

  • AHBV University graduates have demonstrated great success in the recent years by scoring the highest grades in the exams of Judicial Justice and Judicature Examination Ordinary Court and Magistracy.

  • AHBV University with its high ranking in the international list of scientific publications is an outstanding University of Turkey in the field of science.

  • National and international periodicals are open for the use of all academics and students with the electronic databases in AHBV University.

  • AHBV University has a TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Certificate of Quality Management in administrative services,

  • AHBV University has a large number of student clubs and groups to contribute to the personal development of students by leading them to be creative, thought and research-oriented individuals.

  • AHBV University has the only cuisine of molecular gastronomy in Turkey at the Faculty of Tourism.

Life at AHBV

AHBV is situated at various privileged districts of Ankara. The faculties located in Besevler, Gölbaşı, Polatlı and Oran are very close to the subway stations and public transportation, which is of great importance in terms of transportation in the city.

Moreover, that the campuses are very close to shopping centers is a convenience for the students of AHBV University. The University provides its students with all the possibilities related to a modern city life ranging from entertainment to culture and arts as well as shopping and nutrition.

AHBV University gives a great importance to the nutrition of its students. Food made in the refectories of the university are prepared under hygienic conditions and under dietician supervision before served to the students at reasonable prices. Moreover, rich menus at the cafeterias are regulated in accordance with the budget of the students. Apart from that, there is also a patisserie, a cafeteria and similar places around the main campus and other campuses where students can enjoy.